Win a Signed "Daytime Lullaby" Test Pressing

by Jay Stewart

These beautiful plain looking records arrived at my apartment today. They contain the vast majority of my creative output over the last 5 months, so it's been a pretty awesome experience to put one on the record player for the first time. I'm listening through for the second time as I'm writing this.

It's slightly odd to be releasing something as a solo artist. Usually there are some high fives and shots taken with a band in moments like this, but that's not really the case this this time around. I take that back... hold please. 

High five given to self and shot taken!

If you read the title and are wondering how you go about winning a signed test pressing, well it's simple. Just buy Daytime Lullaby on vinyl and you will automatically be entered to win one. If you do win one, I'll contact you and you can tell me what you want me to write on it. Get to it!

Pre-order Lonely Bunker - Daytime Lullaby