Live from Lonely Bunker - Last Toast

by Jay Stewart

I recorded a new video of myself playing a song from my soon to be released album Daytime Lullaby (available for pre-order here). The song in the video is called Last Toast.

I wrote this song shortly after my dad passed away years ago from esophageal cancer. When he was initially diagnosed, he had decided that he wanted to have a living funeral. If you're not familiar with the concept, a living funeral is a party that you throw when you're dying so that you can be involved in the celebration of your life. Unfortunately, this party never happened because his cancer spread quicker than anticipated and he died shortly after Christmas. Almost everyone I know that died died around Christmas.The lyrics of this song are what I think he might have said had he given a toast at his living funeral.

Have I sufficiently bummed you out yet? Sweet... here's the video!