Debut LP "Daytime Lullaby" Available October 25th.

by Jay Stewart

Yes, that's right folks. My debut album "Daytime Lullaby" is going to twinkle all over your ivories on October 25th!

Where is it going to be available you ask?

Well, that's an excellent question. It's going to be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Band Camp, Itunes, BandCamp, and even Deezer for you weirdo's that use Deezer. Just kidding, you're probably not weird if you use Deezer, but we don't get Deezer here in the US and I fear the unknown, so I insult people with different interests and routines to deal with my own insecurities.

If you're like me, you like to cuddle up with a small parrot and listen to your favorite tunes on vinyl. Because of that, I'm doing a limited run on yellow vinyl! There will be only 300 printed, which is way more listeners than I have, but hey... they could totally sell out. You don't know! You should buy a copy while they're still available. Here's the link for that: Buy "Daytime Lullaby" on yellow vinyl.

It will also be available on CD, so here' the link to that: Buy "Daytime Lullaby" on CD.