Lonely Bunker - Daytime Lullaby LP on Yellow Vinyl

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This is the LP version of Lonely Bunker's debut album: Daytime Lullaby on yellow vinyl.

All songs that have previously been released as singles have been remixed and remastered and some instrumentation has been added to some.

As well as previous singles, there is a new Symphony of a Distraction arrangement and a new SecondShot arrangement for the songs "No Apologies" and "Extra Credit."

There are also 3 new original songs, "Time Is Not on my Side," "Seeing in Dark - Full Band Version" and "Daytime Lullaby," which is really more of a half song, but it still counts!

  1. United Failure
  2. No Apologies
  3. Last Toast
  4. Extra Credit
  5. Never in Doubt
  6. Business as Usual
  7. Low Life
  8. Forever Echoes
  9. Time Is Not on my Side
  10. Time and Money
  11. Wind in your Sail
  12. All Out of Luck
  13. Good as New
  14. Once and Future
  15. Seeing in Dark
  16. Daytime Lullaby